Education Paradigm Shift – 2016

The way we learn is changing. Technology is changing. The world is shrinking as more people learn how to learn and adapt to technology. Information overload is not an unfamiliar term, it’s a term we’ve accepted as we take in more and more.

Just in the last 30 years, we’ve gone from just a few channels on the TV to Cable and Satellite offering hundreds of streams of media. From reel film to blue-ray.

Anyone remember the old AT&T commercials showing a dad away on business but talking with his daughter in a “video chat” kind of way back in the 80s?

Now, in 2015, that technology is widely used around the world and is less than 10 years old.

How many people still have land-line house phones? Just 5-6 years ago, the idea of kids (anyone under driving age) having cell phones was a ridiculous idea but now a trip to the mall will prove this line of thinking obsolete. In fact, every single cell phone service provider offers a “family” plan with pricing so low it’s irresistible for even the most financially strained families.  Even those living on welfare can get a phone (thank you to all those wage earners who pay the way for the lazy).

I could go on about how enslaved we are referencing two-year cell contracts as a link in our bondage but I’ll save that for another time. Instead, I want to look at the change of technology and the paradigm shift we need to adapt to as a result.

Specifically, I want to draw your attention to the youth, the world their moving into and explore one question: Is it time to change our game plan with the way we educate?

If you want to learn how to do anything from the most complex mathematical equation to something as simple as mowing a lawn: Google or YouTube it!  It’s free, focused (direct) and best of all: you don’t have to take an exam!  Instead, you will perfect your skill as you judge yourself and you will be motivated to perfection by the core desire to accomplish… No perfect the accomplishment you are working to acheive. Is there any better qualification that this?

When someone wants to do something – they will do it. That is human will. Most people that want to do something want to do it well so they’ll invest hours into it. No college education can stimulate this kind of growth.

If someone wants to learn to weld, aspiring to work in a ship welding industry, they’re going to learn to weld by watching videos, testing their skills, buying the gear required, invest their time and money into this and possibly take a few classes lead by a welder (not a general education teacher) who is entirely invested in helping others perfect their craft. Isn’t this more valuable than a college degree?

Apparently the largest ship builder in the world thinks so as they hire folks with a handsome compensation and benefits package that shadows many 4 year degree applicants. I’m talking about 20 year old people earning more than $25 per hour at start with full benefits and retirement!  No degree. No college. All talent and desire.

So the shift in education will be driven by the youth of today as the scholarly of the past 20 + years wane away (overtaken by the huge advances in social networking and technology).  As more people become self educated, peer tested and industry validated – those are the people businesses want.

Who cares if the director of Star Wars, Contract Administrator or anyone outside of highly specialized skills has a degree or where his/her degree is from?  If they produce excellent work – I want them!  Who wouldn’t?

Now, looking into my crystal ball….  I see a future where education changes such that a person gains credit for life experience without having to write a 300 page dissertation.  These degrees are known and “honorary” and have been given in the past by some of the most prestigious colleges in the world.  Not long from now, I foresee this becoming the norm.  I imagine businesses recruiting more people with proven talent than those with degrees.  Taking it one step further, I imagine that having a degree but no specialty will land a person the low end job while those with proven and validated talent will advance the ranks.

Just my thoughts.


Withholding love

What is it that makes a marriage? Two people – right? Biblically, a husband and wife (man and woman respectively) are the requirements and result of a marriage. So, what does it take to make it happen?

What is each individual allowed to govern and restrict or allow themselves to justify withholding?

I say: “Nothing!”

I am a man and so I have desires of a man. 

Having said that, I want to focus on something I keep coming across over and over again but first, let’s establish a foundation. 

Let’s agree we are talking about just one couple. There are probably a million combinations and circumstances that, in as many combinations, could change the dynamics just enough that what I’m about to talk about may seem over-simplified or not applicable. Let me challenge you with this thought: Nothing is impossible and it’s all already been done. 

So as you begin to justify this or excuse that, let’s remember and agree who the Author of life is: God almighty, in whom all things are possible. 

If you’re thinking this foundation point is “Pie in the sky”, too mystical or too hard for you to believe – stop reading right now. You can’t be helped.  

The foundation is Faith – Either you believe or you don’t. If you believe, you have no excuse and every thing you do that goes against God’s design is a selfish act and thus sinful. 

“Not one is worthy”, I know. I’m in that club and only share now what I’ve come to realize on my own and through my own discovery. 

We all carry baggage and have caused damage left in the wake of our choices. We’re not going to focus on any of this though. Remember, the point is about withholding love. 

So if we understand that nobody is worthy; we’ve all made mistakes and God is the almighty – then we can accept that we’re all in the same boat and God alone is the designer and navigator and savior – in whom we shall put all our trust. 

God is the author of marriage. 

God is the creator of man first then woman. 

God is perfect and thus has built in His design in all of creation. 

He created man to have relationship with man. 

He created a woman to have a relationship with man. 

Man was made from dust

Woman made from man

Man to love the woman

Woman to help the man

Woman was tempted first

Man should have resisted but couldn’t. Man couldn’t resist the seduction of the woman and therefore didn’t. Couldn’t because he was designed to be attracted to her. 

Being attracted isn’t the sin. Giving into sin is the sin. 

Being tempted or seduced isn’t the sin, giving into it is.  Likewise, being seductive isn’t a sin. 

Woman didn’t eat the forbidden fruit first, she gave it to the man. She served him first as she was designed. 

She needed to feel secure and couldn’t eat first because she was designed to let the man lead. She will be seduced, as will man, but she is designed to submit to her man. She did this. 

Man cannot blame the woman. While she was seduced, he wants her to be seduced. 

While she went near the tree, she did not sin first – the man did as he ate first. 

She told the man what she knew but it was up to the man to protect her. To stand firm in truth and dispel the lie, the temptation, the seduction. 

For this reason, the woman could blame the man and the man is accountable. 

Fast forward thousands of years and we see the same thing play out over and over. 

Role reversals, feminism, chauvinism, and other social labels / identities have been established to simplify the complex nature of life. Don’t buy it. None of it. 

Man – woman – God.  This trinity is the design upon which God has engineered success. Not a single part can be missing and every corner must be operating at full to achieve the greatest success. 

What does this have to do with my topic? Everything!

If we believe the foundation, not saying we like it all the time, what excuse do any of us have for NOT doing our part?

A lack of knowledge? A measure of fair? What’s right or wrong? Fear? These are all dispelled in the Word of God but that requires reading it. Meditating on it. Bettering your relationship with God first, then your spouse second. You, self, come in third place. 

If your not doing this, you will not succeed. You can fake it, but it’s not real and your not only hurting yourself but your spouse , your children and anyone who can see deeper than the superficial smile you put on your face when on display for others. You’re a fake and your causing everyone around you to stumble. 

Get up and sin no more!

Listen, you can say you don’t believe. You can make all kinds of excuses for doing (or not doing) this or that. The bottom line is that you are the one accountable for you and you alone.  

Make it count. Don’t deny it for the sake of your will. It never works and the payoff is never real. Remember the devil is a liar and he hates you. Don’t believe him anymore. 

Stop giving into his tricks engineered to defile and destroy you and your marriage. 

When Jesus said “Get up” he was saying several things at once:

  • Commanding movement
  • Expecting obedience and change
  • Encouraging faith
  • Accepting grace
  • Denying the enemy
  • Redirecting vision 

The guy he was talking to had to

  • Be obedient
  • Believe
  • Change his mindset
  • Correct course
  • Get moving and forget the past

Remember Adam and Eve?   She could have blamed Adam, but she didn’t. He misled her but she didn’t withhold anything from – Ever. 

Let’s take this to a success story: Jesus could have withheld his love but he didn’t.  Guys like Abraham, Noah, Moses, and so many others have done the same but not with as much success. 

When we trust God, we ought to get up and sin no more. He always makes it better. Always!

So stop withholding. Start cleaving. Start investing in your spouse. Start moving in the direction that satisfies them instead of yourself. Stop blaming them and start take responsibility for your sin. Your sins are your fault and no one else’s. Take ownership of the power within you to do something great!

If you withhold your demonstration of love in any way your mate needs – shame on you. 

If you withhold it because you didn’t know then you are like a child and still drink milk instead of the grown up food. 

Immerse yourself, without restraint, in a world of discovering what makes your spouse tick. What gets them going and what turns them on.  Yes, sexually and otherwise!  Stop being predjudice and self-serving you selfish pig. 

If you find something you like to do for your spouse but your spouse doesn’t like it – let it go and let God give it back to you if He wills it. 

The best gifts are the ones we least expected – pure and simple. How much more pleasing would it be to let the Lord almighty have the power over our lives to give us what he wants. 

If you’re withholding anything for any reason – you are living in sin and lust for self. You must run away from this, remorseful in your act. 

The bible is very clear about this.  If you know it’s a sin and you continue to do it, you are essentially denying (denouncing) God. 

Don’t worry about the “what ifs”, “should haves” and “buts”! Remember your adversary!  That devil is hunting you to destroy you. He is the prince of these insecurities and can deceive you better than you know. 

David didn’t think twice about the giant Goliath. Moses didn’t think twice about any of the miracles in Egypt and those after, except the last one. Who are we to question the call of God in our own life as we occupy His creation and live out His design?

We have been told time and time again that God is sufficient. All we have to do is “Get up and sin no more”. 

Stop withholding love. It’s not yours to withhold anyway. It was given to you to give away. That, my friend, is a true demonstration of love.  Giving when not deserved. 

Next:  How to give instead of withhold.