What is perfect?

If you have a job that pays what you need or more, a house that is ready to welcome you when you come home, and a lifestyle worthy of praise but have a broken marriage – which one determines your happiness?

What good is a job if your marriage sucks?  What good is a house, clean and presentable or not?  It doesnt matter – none of it!  

I don’t know about you but for me, if the harmony in my marriage relationship is absent – life really sucks. 

Which brings me to ask a question:  

If I died tonight, could I say I gave it everything I had 100% of the time?  Could I say I wanted to give 100% of the time?

What’s really more important:  

  • Doing your nails or doing your spouse?  I know that will come of vulgar to some but for the majority of us it makes perfect sense. 
  • Watching a TV show or spending time discovering your spouse?  
  • Reading books about (pick your entertainment poison) or reading about how to invest in the most important human relationship in the world?

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